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BID #VPS-14-003: CNC Router

Revised as of 04/15/2014

Questions and Answers for CNC Router Bid Request:

Q. Would your town consider leasing the router in lieu of writing one big check for the purchase?

A. Vendors may submit, at their discretion, alternate design options with accompanying prices. Alternate designs will give the VPS the opportunity to consider the best solution for our needs and compare those options with budget considerations.

Q. Is there any way to bid without coming to the meeting on April 14?

A. In order to participate in the proposal process, someone from your organization must be present on the 14th. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a proxy that represents you/your organization. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. How much is available for this project in grant funds? 

A. Pricing submitted with this RFP must encompass all design, implementation, support, licenses, and hardware/software acquisitions necessary for development and implementation of the CNC Router. We will accept both initial and alternative pricing proposals. We will determine how much funding we will allocate for this project after we have determined which proposal best fits our needs. 

Questions and Answers from CNC Router Site Survey on 4/14/14

1. Is this project funded through grant or city funds?

a. This project is funded using grant money.

2. Does Vernon Public Schools possess a forklift?

a. No.

3. Where is the 220 line?

a. It is available and will be wired to the location of the CNC Router.

4. Are 220 volt 3 phase 60 amps available?

a. Yes.

5. Is it okay to exceed specifications, add features, or recommend options?

a. Yes, alternates in addition to the original request will be considered.

6. Is the delivery date flexible?

a. The delivery date will not be a deciding factor in choosing which proposal is awarded. We will work with the Vendor to determine an appropriate delivery schedule.

7. Do they need a table for the computer?

a. No, we already have one.

8. Is there a compressed airline where the machine is going to be?

a. No. We will install where needed.

9. Is there a Shop-Vac system available?

a. We have a Shop-Vac, but one dedicated to the CNC Router may be included in the quote.

10. Where is the CNC class taught?

a. In the same room.

11. Where in the room is the router going to be?

a. Near the garage door.

12. Can the fourth axis rotary and cool air gun be added as options to be added at a later date?

a. No.  Vendors may provide alternate pricing options, we will only make one purchase.

13. What materials will this machine be used for?

a. Wood, foam, aluminum, and lexan. The class will not use steel.

14. Will the router be on the network?

a. This has yet to be determined.

15. Does it need to be a desktop computer or would you consider a laptop or all-in-one computer?

a. A desktop computer is preferred, but we may consider a laptop. The computer must be able to run Mastercam, which uses G code.

Rev. 04/15/2014

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