Bid Requests Q&A


1. What are the subjects the district is seeking to assess? ELA, Reading, Math, Science, Writing?
A: VPS is seeking to assess student achievement and progress in reading, writing, and math.

2. How frequently is VPS seeking to assess students?
A: VPS is seeking to assess each student at least three times each school year.

3. How will screeners be used? Acceleration, RTI, placement?
A: Screeners will be used for acceleration, RTI, and as one data point that can help inform placements.

4. Is VPS seeking summative achievement assessments as well as interim and periodic assessments?
A: VPS is seeking assessments that may be used as summative assessments, but also as signposts during the school year.

5. If interested in interims. Do you prefer (2) pre & post or 3 interims? A: As noted above, VPS intends to assess students at least three times each year.

6. What role will formative assessment play in the SAS?
A: VPS defines formative assessment as assessment that occurs during instruction. Formative assessment data will be triangulated with other data, including that gleaned from an SAS to inform instruction and curricular revision.

7. Are you seeking to enable teachers to create tests within the system or would you prefer to have small valid and reliable quizzes already created for them?
A: While the capability for teachers to create tests in the system is not a requirement for next year, it is a possibility that VPS would like to explore for the future.

8. Could we have more specific description of what is expected in the communication system?
A: VPS would like the SAS to communicate with Follett's Aspen Student

Management System.

9. How will students take the on-line assessments? Percentage desktop, laptop, mobile devices?
A: Desktop: 15%, Laptop 10%, Mobile Device (Chromebook) 75%

10. What versions of FireFox, Chrome and Safari will you be using? A: Firefox (Version 28 & 29), Chrome (Version 31), Safari (Version 7)

11. What percentage of devices will be running Internet Explorer 8 or lower?
A: 0%.

12. Are iPads and Chromebooks the only mobile devices that may be used for testing?
A: No.

13. How will smart phones and mobile devices be used? Testing, reporting? Please elaborate on integration requirements/expectations. A: VPS has no plans for the use of smartphone technology at this time. Mobile devices like iPads, chromebooks and laptops will be used extensively for testing and classroom observations.

14. Can you provide examples of how VPS may want to customize reports?
A: VPS is seeking reports that can be disaggregated by school, grade, teacher, date administered, and other categories.

15. Can VPS provide specifications for specialized reports required? A: VPS is seeking a system that can track student growth over time.

16. Will you be testing all grades K-12?
A: Yes, VPS intends to test students in grades K-12.

17. Do you have capacity to implement on site training for all teachers and staff?
A: VPS is seeking a vendor that has the capacity to train teachers and sta
ff. VPS will provide the facilities.

18. Would VPS prefer online training for teachers and staff? A: Access to online training modules would be beneficial.

19. Would VPS prefer expecting a blended training offering? A: A blended approach to training is appealing to VPS.

20. Which 3rd party products would VPS need SAS to integrate with? A: VPS needs an SAS to integrate with Aspen, as noted above, and if possible, with Bloomboard.

21. Please clarify that VPS intends that the particular copy of the materials submitted becomes the property of VPS and that VPS does not claim the copyright or other interest in the content of proposer’s proposal. A: VPS does not claim the copyright or other interest in the content of proposer's proposal.

22. Please describe VPS’s process for negotiating and forming a contract after it issues notice of award.
A: Contracts are negotiated by the Business O
ffice. Depending on the awarded scope of work, products and/or services, the contract may be formed collaboratively with the program, business office and vendor staff. In addition, a legal review may be required as part of this process before the agreement is considered fully executed.

23. Does VPS intend to use a particular form of contract? If so, would VPS make a copy available? In any event, would VPS be open to using the successful proposer’s form of contract?
A: All VPS contracts are required to contain certain terms and conditions that include, for example, a contingency for funding availability, subrogation clause, and compliance with applicable laws/regulations. VPS would be open to reviewing a successful proposer’s contract language.

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