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~A Message from the      Art Room~

~A Message from the   Music Room~

~A Message from the   Band Room~ ~A Message from the Physical Education Team~

Practice of drawing and completing multi-step art tasks puts a strong focus on a well-rounded education. Every K-5 Center Road School student receives forty minutes a week of art instruction. Long before you frame your child’s favorite piece you will probably know it is on its way home, perhaps from the telltale splatters on shirt sleeves.  I hope you will come to think of them as dinnertime story starters.














Room 8 is always alive with music learning. From the time students arrive in kindergarten, they begin learning about and practicing their singing voices. Singing games and movement are added to enhance the experience. As the students grow older, they begin to learn to read and write music and play classroom instruments. Time is spent listening to music and learning to analyze and describe it. My goal is to provide the children of CRS a valuable musical education while at the same time nurture a love of music.













Becoming part of the band is an exciting opportunity for fifth grade students in Vernon.  Band members can learn to play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone or percussion.  Hard work and lots of practice will help to get these students ready for their three concerts.  Band members should be practicing four or five days a week, 15-20 minutes each practice session.  

















The physical education program at CRS offers movement supplemented with activities involving development of sport skills. The main focus of the program aims at helping children become more coordinated and confident in their ability to perform a variety of physical tasks. Our goal is to expose all of our students to a wide range of fitness and sport activities with the hope that they will all live a heathy and active lifestyle. We want to emphasize a positive seff-image through success in physical skills. We reinforce the importance of team relationships, sportsmanship and cooperation.

At Center Road School, all students  meet for 40 minutes per class. All students are required to wear sneakers and appropriate clothing while participating in class. Please make sure you are aware of your child's schedule and make sure they are prepared on physical education days. Thank you for your cooperation!











Vernon Public Schools Mission Statement

The Vernon Public Schools, in partnership with family and community, is committed to provide a quality education, with
high expectations, in a safe environment where all students become independent learners and productive contributors to society.