Pre-K - Maple Street School

Shelley McCone

Welcome to preschool at Maple Street School! In our classroom, we may look like we are “just playing” but we are actually learning through play! Preschool-age children learn how to share, take turns and problem solve while engaging in structured play as well as free choice play. Play allows young children to hone their executive functioning skills; inhibitory control, which means self-control, working memory, reasoning, problem solving and planning. All of these skills are important in laying the foundation for all learning!

We follow the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, CT ELDS, that encompass the following areas of child development: cognition, social and emotional development, physical development and health, language and literacy, creative arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

In our classroom, we follow the Guiding Principles that are outlined in the CT ELDS. These include:

1. Young children are capable and competent, so we will have high expectations in place for each learner, regardless of their background, experience or ability.

2. Children learn best with their basic needs are being met. Basic needs of young children include health (physical, mental and oral), safe and nurturing environments, and sound nutrition.

3. Young children are unique in their growth and development, and each child will blossom at the rate that is appropriate for them. In preschool, we do not have a specific mold that our students are expected to fit, as we recognize that each child is different in their learning. 

4. Children develop and learn within the context of their family and culture. We recognize that you are your child’s very first teacher and that each family has their own culture that lays the foundation for all learning.

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Vernon Preschool Collaborative
A Vernon Public School & EASTCONN Head Start Initiative

The Vernon Preschool Collaborative is a high quality early childhood program serving preschool aged children and their families.  Part day and Full day sessions are available. 

The Vernon Preschool Collaborative is currently accepting applications for children and families interested in attending the Vernon Preschool Collaborative for the 2015 – 2016 school year. 

Children must be Vernon residents and 3 years of age on or before January 1, 2016.

For an application or for more information, please call Jen Dennin at 860-870-6000 ext. 4671.

The Community Lottery will be on April 2016.  In order to be included in the lottery, families must complete an application before April 6, 2015.  Applications that are received after the lottery will be placed on the wait list based on the date the application is received.   

The Vernon Preschool Collaborative includes Head Start spots for income eligible families.  If you are interested in learning more about Head Start services and eligibility, please call Jen Snyder at 860-993-4620.


Vernon Public Schools Mission Statement

The Vernon Public Schools, in partnership with family and community, is committed to provide a quality education, with
high expectations, in a safe environment where all students become independent learners and productive contributors to society.