Advisor: Ms. Helen Rebecchi, Room 117 

The anime club meets biweekly to discuss and explore Japanese Anime Culture. Activities include but are not limited to watching, reading, and drawing, all things related to the anime culture. This club is led and directed by students, and is open to all. 


Advisor: Dr. Lois Possell, Athletic Office

This group of sports captains has been formed to allow student athlete involvement in all aspects of athletics. Its primary purpose will be to assist the athletic department and administration in the following areas:

  1. To develop and reinforce a code of conduct for all those involved in the RHS athletic program.
  2. To foster the development of the positive role model within the athletic and academic arenas.

BAND (Marching & Symphony)

Advisor: Mr. Darcy Davis, Room 115

Provides students with the opportunity to perform at competitions, home football games, and other civic events.

Banner (RHS Yearbook)

Advisors: Mr. Bryan Wright, Room 105 / Mrs. Caitlin Hoffman, Room 232

Participants will learn publication techniques using computers for formatting layouts, photos, and text to produce the RHS yearbook.


Advisors:  Mrs. Victoria Nordlund, Room 224 / Mrs. Shaune Santos, Room 222

The book club meets monthly to discuss a new or classic literary work of merit.  Led and directed by students, the club is open to students and staff.  It aims to provide a vital place for students to improve and expand their literary understanding and knowledge as well as an opportunity to socialize with others sharing similar interests.


Advisor: Mrs. Victoria Nordlund, Room 224

Students attend matinee performances at the Hartford Stage Company and participate in discussions afterward with the actors and technicians to gain understanding of plays and the nuances of the theater.


Advisor:  TBD

The Environmental Action Group promotes an understanding of local and global environmental issues.  The members participate in collecting data for the Department of Environmental Protection on the quality of local rivers.  There are opportunities to participate in trail clean-ups, hikes, and other environmental educational activities. Meets bi-monthly


Advisor:  Ms. Barbara Martin, Room 236

Envirothon is a natural resource-based education program. During the school year, teams are invited to a series of training workshops in the Envirothon Study Areas of Soils, Aquatics, Wildlife, Forestry, and a Current Environmental Issue. In May, teams compete to answer questions and conduct hands-on investigations. Each team also prepares a short oral presentation on a real-life environmental problem to present before a panel of experts. The winning team earns the chance to represent Connecticut at the Canon Envirothon, a weeklong event held at a college campus in the summer. They compete with about sixty teams from across the USA and Canada for scholarships and other prizes.


Advisor:  Mr. Calvin Brodersen, AgEd

The FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Meetings are held monthly.  All students in the Ag Ed program are FFA members. Those attending FFA meetings must be members or invited guests.


Advisor: Mrs. Laura Smith, Room 227

The film club meets weekly to view and to analyze a film of cinematic merit.  Club members are responsible for selecting and discussing approved films of their choice.  The goal of the club is to provide an opportunity for students to experience and to develop an appreciation of films representative of different genres, countries, and time periods.  The film club is also designed to encourage students to socialize with one another by engaging in intellectual debate regarding exemplars of an artistic medium to which they might not otherwise be exposed. 


Advisor:  Mr. Babacar Ndao, Room 157

Students enrolled in the fourth semester or higher of the language will be inducted into the society based on scholarship in general, scholarship in the language in particular, leadership in language activities, and interest and teacher recommendation. Candidates must have maintained an A average in the language during the semester of selection as well as an averaged cumulative grade of A- for all work at the high school.  In addition, they must have maintained a B average in all other subjects.


Advisor:  Mr. Babacar Ndao, Room 157

Members will learn about the French language and the culture of the people who speak it.


Advisors:  Mr. Chris Lewis, Room 162

Students serve as guests and / or hosts during three-week intensive exchange visits. This program takes place every other year. During a GAPP year, students from the Martin-Luther-Gymnasium Frankenberg visit RHS for 3 weeks in Sep -Oct, staying with families of RHS students. RHS students who are selected for the return visit to Germany in April - May have regular mandatory meetings to prepare for the trip. Activities include fund-raising and preparing presentations for classes at our German partner school. Ideally, students who participate in GAPP should be enrolled in a German class. 


Advisor:  Mr. Chris Lewis, Room 162

The German Club offers German cultural experiences and opportunities for students of German, and students interested in things German, to get together. Meets once a month. Activities include a trip to a local German restaurant, celebration of German holiday traditions, and discussions of German popular music and movies.


Advisor:  TBD

The RHS Green Team competes in the Live Green – Win Green competition sponsored by Eversource. Students produce a two-minute video highlighting the changes being made to conserve energy and make RHS environmentally friendly. The team also writes an essay describing other environmental and energy efficiency changes they would like to see implemented at our school.

GSA – Gay Straight Alliance

Advisors: Ms. Maria Turchi, House C / Mrs. Patricia Bengtson, Rm 118

The GSA is a proactive student-run club which provides a safe environment for students to meet to talk about issues related to sexual orientation. An executive board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who plan and run meetings. Our goal is to bring together all students and staff to end hate-filled speech and promote tolerance about gender identity issues within our school community. The group meets every other Wednesday at 2:30 in the Art Room, room 118.


Advisor:  Ms. Montserrat Ferres, Room 157 / Mrs. Margaret Youmatz, Room 165

If you are interested in learning about foreign countries, sharing your experiences as a native of another country and fostering international friendship, then this club is for you.  Our goals are to promote friendship and peace by participating in events that promote cultural and political understanding of other countries.  We plan to have social gatherings featuring food and music from all over the world.


Advisor: Mrs. Joy Fitzgerald, Library

Students volunteer during their free period(s) in the Library Media Center providing service to the RHS Library and Community. Students learn how to shelve books, repair and cover books, cut out vertical file articles, help inventory and barcode books, help order Vertical File Pamphlets, learn how to scan documents, learn how to download audio books, and help copy and edit locally produced Videos to DVDs.  Students also assist staff to decorate the Library for special seasons or events. Students can learn at the level they are comfortable with.


Advisor: Mrs. Victoria Nordlund, Room 224

To provide and publish an annual magazine showcasing the best artwork, writing, and photography, chosen from student submission.


Advisor: Ms. Kim Marinan, School Counseling Office

Link Crew is a group of juniors and seniors who facilitate Freshman Orientation and participate in various social events with the freshman class through out the year.


Advisors: Mrs. Mary Leslie, Room 206

Do you enjoy math?  Come and join the RHS Math Team!  Practices are held once a week and the meets are once a month beginning in October and running through March.  Math Team tee-shirts are supplied and we always have snacks.  All students are welcome!

Model United Nations

Adviser: Mr. Derrick Magoun, Room 145
Students learn how the U.N. operates, understand international relations, consider foreign policy, and learn public speaking. Meets bi-weekly as well as multiple conferences throughout the year.


Advisors:  Mrs. Mary Leslie, Room 206

Acknowledges juniors and seniors with character, consistent leadership, academic honors, community service, and school activity participation.  Each year members provide service to RHS and to the community.


Advisor: Mrs. Kim McTighe, Room 235

The Peer Advocate program trains students in communication and helping skills to enable them to offer structured support to all RHS students and the community. The program offers students an opportunity to mentor in the elementary schools and VCMS.  They also have the opportunity to participate in various community service activities. The application process occurs annually. All 9th and 10th grade students are encouraged to apply.


Advisor:  Mrs. Victoria Nordlund, Room 224

Read and critique original and published poems. Students participate in fall and spring poetry readings.

RAGE Robotics

Advisor: Club is affiliated with other high schools.

Members of the RHS robotics team have an opportunity to work in a mult-school effort to compete in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology ( robotics competitions. Students on the team work with robotics, computer animation, engineering, math, and science. //


Advisors:  Ms. Alba Osorio, Room 160 / Mrs. Alysse Hoagland, School Counseling Office

Students will do community work and raise money for a variety of charities in the Vernon area. The club is open to all students at RHS. Its mission is to address the needs of referred students or families in crisis, as well as participate in community events.  We will meet the 3rd Friday of the month in room 160 after school.  Come and offer your time to a great cause.

SSNAP – Students Seeking New Achievements Positively

Advisor: Mrs. Kim McTighe, Room 235

Members will act as role models to encourage positive change in the school and community by educating students about relevant teen issues and promoting smart choices.  Students will have the opportunity to plan and participate in Alcohol Awareness week activities and the annual overnight Volleyball Lock In as well as many other prevention activities.


Advisor:  TBD

Students enrolled in the fourth semester or higher of the language will be inducted into the society based on scholarship in general, scholarship in the language in particular, leadership in language activities and interest and teacher recommendation.  Candidates must have maintained an A average in the language during the semester of selection as well as an averaged cumulative grade of A- for all work at the high school.  In addition, they must have maintained a B average in all other subjects


Advisor:  TBD

The Spanish Club meets monthly.  It offers students an extra opportunity to experience Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.  Students also prepare for the Poetry Contest and the National Spanish Exam. Members of the National Spanish Honor Society are expected to regularly attend meetings and participate in activities such as the Taste of Languages event and fund raisers for future field trips. All students are welcome but students enrolled in Spanish classes are encouraged to attend club meetings and actively contribute with new ideas and activities.


Advisor: Mrs. Lori Gilmore, Room 125

The Student Council is the student-run school government. It sponsors school and community events including the Homecoming Dance and blood drives.


Advisor:  Ms. Alba Osorio, Room 160

This group will work with the World Language Department to plan language-related activities in the Vernon Public Schools and in the community.  Student members should be able to attend several planning meetings throughout the year.


Advisors: Mrs. Alysse Hoagland and Mrs. Deborah Duarte, School Counseling Office

The Unity Club sponsors events throughout the school year to promote a sense of community at RHS.


Advisor:  Mrs. Joy Fitzgerald, Library

Members volunteer during their free periods or come after school.  If enough members have a common day afterschool, there may be a set meeting time, otherwise, members will arrange with the Library Media Specialist when they are available to volunteer to videotape and edit video of classes or events.  Some school events may be after school or in the evening but these are not mandatory.  Members are taught how to operate audio-visual equipment, duplicating equipment, computers, Digital FLIP cameras or Mini-DV camcorders.  Members will videotape school events and have the option of creating a video project in conjunction with the Community Voice Channel.   Members are allowed to edit their videos on one of the two IMACs or on one of several VIDEO editing PCs in the Library Media Center.

Vernon Public Schools Mission Statement

The Vernon Public Schools, in partnership with family and community, is committed to provide a quality education, with
high expectations, in a safe environment where all students become independent learners and productive contributors to society.