Unified Arts - SRS



Mrs. Tooker Esther Pezzella Eric Uthgennant


The objectives of the art program are to enable the student to demonstrate an understanding of design using a variety of tools and techniques. Grade level 1-5 meet for one 50 minute session a week. Kindergarten students do not meet for Art.


The vocal music program is designed to give the students a workable knowledge of the basic elements of music and to expose them to different musical experiences. Kindergarten has one 20 minute session each week. Grades 1, 2, 3, and 5 have two 30 minute sessions each week. Grade 4 has two 35 minute sessions each week as the recorder is introduced as an aide to reading music. The Chorus is a voluntary activity for Grades 4 and 5, which meets once a week for a 30 minute session. The instrumental music instructor is at the school one day a week. This particular program is introduced at the Grade 5 level, when students are given their choice of six band instruments and receive 1 lesson of approximately ½ hour each week.

Physical Education

This program is designed to enhance the developmental and emotional needs of each student and aims to foster an appreciation of physical activity throughout their lives.

Kindergarten students are scheduled for 30 minutes each week. Grade 1 is scheduled for two 30 minute periods each week. Grades 2 – 5 are scheduled for two 45 minute periods each week. Preschool classes have the gym available for use 30 minutes each week.


Students learn about bus safety and practice a bus evacuation drill. 


Vernon Public Schools Mission Statement

The Vernon Public Schools, in partnership with family and community, is committed to provide a quality education, with
high expectations, in a safe environment where all students become independent learners and productive contributors to society.